We help our clients achieve dramatic change in three phases:


Through conversation and a series of questions, you will be guided to envision your ideal living environment and ideal lifestyle. We will capture your vision in writing and/or in a visual representation. We will use this vision throughout the phases to keep you focused on your end goal of tidying. 


In this phase, we will do all the hard work you committed to when you decided to use our services. Through one-on-one, in-home, hands-on organizing, we will complete the familiar organizing tasks of sorting, purging and creating a home for your belongings. This phase follows these core principles of the KonMari Method™: finish discarding first, tidy by category; not by location, follow the right category order, ask yourself if it sparks joy and leave final storage until the end. Through this process you will simplify the amount of stuff you own and must deal with, your storage methods and your decision-making skills. 


Now that you have completed all the hard work you put in, it is time to enjoy the results. You will be left with only items that spark joy and will have reached or placed yourself on the path to your vision of your ideal living environment and lifestyle. Using my training and experience as a Certified Professional Organizer® and a Certified KonMari™ Consultant, we will set you up for success. We will refine your storage and set up systems that meet your individualized needs. This final phase will ensure that you have created a home you can continue to enjoy well after our working together is finished.




Created for those who live out of my service area, prefer to do the hands-on part on their own or need more flexibility due to busy schedules, our virtual services can guide you through the three phases of our KonMari™ based tidying without the need of our physical presence in your home. We will envision, simplify and enjoy through a combination of virtual means you are comfortable with using. These include phone calls, emails, Skype, FaceTime, video conferencing and messaging.

* Virtual tidying sessions are not the recommended format in which to conduct tidying sessions according to the KonMari Method™. The designation of "KonMari Consultant" is awarded solely for home-visiting lessons.




Created for those who want to learn more about the three phases of our KonMari™ based tidying in a group setting with a smaller financial investment, we provide "The Fundamentals" workshops for a maximum group of fifteen attendees. Invite a group of some of your favorite people to your home, business or other venue, provide some light refreshments and adult beverages and we will teach you all about the method. We also include hands-on activities, demonstrations and time for all your questions. If you have an even larger group with specific content in mind, we provide "The Tailored" speaking engagements, workshops and classes worldwide. Contact us for pricing and availability. 




Created for those who are considering using our in-home tidying services, this is a required in-home visit to help us determine if we are a good fit. We will tour your home with you as our guide, assess storage spaces, discuss your reasons for wanting our services and start creating your vision of your ideal home environment and lifestyle.