Who knew organizing could be so rebellious?!  

Sometimes, I break rules in the name of organization!  I am counting down my top five product rule breakers. These are products that I use in unintended ways!


I use these to organize jewelry, make-up, the stuff that comes out of a man’s pockets and other trinkets. There are so many varieties out there. You can find a style to match any family member’s taste and décor.



PRODUCT RULE BREAKER #4: Over the Door Hamper

I love these hampers, but I find that most clients don't like their unmentionables hanging up for all to see. They can also be too small for large laundry accumulations! Instead, I use them for stuffed animal storage. Kids prefer to be able to see their stuffed animals and don't mind them hanging up for all to see! Clean up time becomes a game of basketball! I add embellishments to make them fit in with the child's decor. mes a game of basketball! I add embellishments to make them fit in with the child's decor.


PRODUCT RULE BREAKER #3: Bath Coordinates

The next time you’re setting up your office or your child’s bedroom, stop by the bath section. Here’s how I’d used this Owl Set: tumbler for pencils & markers; soap dish for push pins or beads; lotion pump for glue; toothbrush holder for scissors; wastebasket for craft paper; tissue holder for Clorox wipes or Wet Ones; shower curtain & hooks to separate the craft zone.



Two of my favorite ways to make use of these trays is in a dresser drawer with a pair of earrings in each section and for easy to view make-up storage. They come in many colors, shapes and materials. The next time you go to a store, bring along several pairs of earrings or some make-up and try it out. Mind you, you may get strange looks, as I often do when trying out new things in the name of organization!

eyeshadow-storage-ice-cube-trays-e1455750564174 (1).png

PRODUCT RULE BREAKER #1: Over the Door Shoe Organizers

I break the rules with this product in so many ways. I never use it for shoes! You can hang it on a wall with hooks. You can hang it to just about anything using Velcro tape. You can also cut them into sections! When my daughter was little, I had half of one attached to a dresser holding dress- up items & half holding 12 puppets on a wall. They hold anything and can be altered to any size!



When organizing your home or office break the rules!  Go shopping – or better yet, search for what you may already have in your home -  and try out my Top 5 Product Rule Breakers or use your own creativity to come up with unique ways to break the rules in the name of organization.